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Cannonball Residential Pool & Spa Services

We are a full service residential pool and spa company, efficiently utilizing the San Diego County region.
You can count on our technicians to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests; whether you need maintenance, equipment upgrades, tile or filter cleaning, we can help.
We are people of action and will respond to requests quickly and efficiently.
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Weekly Pool Maintenance 


Our Weekly Services will keep your pool in top shape. A maintenance service is recommended every 1-2 weeks to keep your equipment running smoothly and your pool looking great. 

We provide the following services including skimming of the top, vacuuming down the bottom (if necessary), emptying out the pump and skimmer baskets, balancing out chemicals that make your water clear, brushing walls of swimming pool and all basic chemicals.

Filter Cleanings


Our procedures involve removing dirt and debris from your grids to thoroughly check and make sure they do not have rips or cracks in them.

We then open the filter, check every grid and manifold, then rinse them down thoroughly with our high pressure cleaner. This is an important preventative procedure to make sure your pool filter lasts as long as possible.

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Green to Clean


Our Green-To-Clean service is the best choice to get your pool back to sparkling clean condition. We focus on eco-friendly methods to save money through sustainability & chemical effectiveness. 

We add a shock treatment to the pool with chlorine and algaecides to kill the algae in your pool, and vacuum the dead algae to leave the water clean and clear. The process generally takes from two days to two weeks to clear-up depending on how severe the problem is, with no need of changing the water.

Equipment Upgrades & Repairs

Our knowledgeable and friendly pool technicians will be happy to diagnose, repair, and maintain your pool equipment so you can get back to enjoying your pool. We pride ourselves on providing quick response technicians that get the job done right.

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